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The birth of New Life Ministries began in April 2002 and continues today. After being led of the Lord in June 2001, Apostle Karen Hale moved backed to Fayetteville, NC. She was led in January 2002 to birth New Life Ministries with the Word and Love being the foundation. God gave Apostle Hale a great vision for this ministry work. It first began in her home with her three sons, Robert, Donte, Raymond and spiritual daughter, Haven in April 2002. The next meeting place was the Ramada Inn on Eastern Blvd. After praying and fasting, God blessed us to move into a building June 2002 in Hope Mills, NC, becoming our new church home. The first service was held August 11, 2002, in which our first guest was the Overton Family. By the end of August, the Overton family became members. Not soon after that, Lena and Michelle Morris and Manuel Evans joined. Needless to say, God started adding to the church and blessed us spiritually as well as numerically. But that was only the beginning for New Life Ministries.

In accordance with the vision, NLM Community Development Corporation was established in 2005. Our first programs included the clothing bank and summer camp. In 2006, New Life Ministries Association of Churches was established. As the church began to grow, we needed a Larger facility, once again God blessed us. April 2007, we moved to our current location on Murchison Road, a building that seats three hundred. It has offices, a full kitchen, a multi-purpose room, and classrooms. The dedication service was in June 2007. The church continued to grow as we continued to do the will of God.

In August 2007, we celebrated Apostle Hale’s 30 th year in ministry and the church 5 th anniversary where she was consecrated as an Apostle. In 2008, New Life Bible College was established as set forth in our church vision. We offer Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree programs. In April 2010, we purchased our first Church Van. In 2012, we purchased our current building and property.

In 2015, we fasted and prayed for God to provide us with land to bring forth the next part of our vision. The process began in 2016 and God favored us as we purchased 16 acres of land in Hope Mills (The Promise Land) on January 10, 2017. In 2018 the College name was changed to New Life Bible College and Seminary. In 2019 the NLM CDC was changed to Hope For the Future CDC.

Despite the pandemic, we continued to serve the body of Christ (virtually) and community through the distribution of clothing and food. God continues to do great things for New Life. 



Assistant Pastor


Church Administrator


Head Deacon/ Deaconess


Head of security

Matthew 13:23 AMP

"And the one on whom seed was sown on the good soil, this is the one who hears the Word and understands and grasps it; he indeed bears fruit and yields, some a hundred times [as much as was sown], some sixty times [times as much], and some thirty."

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